Convenience drives popularity

Tissues, a worldwide growing market

Annual world market growth of app. 20%

The passed 10 years the world market for wipes showed an average growth rate of app. 15% per year (source Euromonitor). Demand for wipes, both consumer and industrial, is expected to reach nearly 3 billion Euro's in 2020 and its growth percentage accelerates. The main drivers are convenience and product innovation. Six years ago the babymarket was dominant with an 60% share. Nowadays cosmetic and cleansing wipes has reached a turnover-share of 50 procent and keeps growing double digits. (Wet) wipes are increasingly used for all kind of purposes which makes the product extremely suitable for promotional use.

A refreshing idea for carrying your message.

Wet and dry tissues are becoming more and more popular amongst all people and applications are numerous. This makes the product extremely suitable for promotional purpose towards all different target groups: from beauty salons to insurance companies, from opticians to hospitals and from mechanics to hairdressers. The product can be used by anyone, at anytime.

Finding your way in promotional tissues

Promotissue is one of Europe's most versatile suppliers of promotional wet and dry tissues. If you need dry tissues, refreshing towels or promotional handkerchiefs? You name it we have it. We can customize our products very quickly in small quantities and at low cost.
Do you want to have your own product filled in a sachet with or without towel please contact us.

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